Jacob Polhill is an artist and designer from Rockford, IL, currently residing on the West side of Chicago. Jacob’s art centers around the idea of abstracted everyday life. His recent style is often described as bubbly, depicting characters that reflect the things he sees, thinks, and feels on a day-to-day basis. A character that frequents his work is his imaginary sidekick “Lil Doody," an abstracted humanoid that often mirrors Jacob’s own mental state. With his style ever-changing, Jacob is always looking for new ways to reinvent himself and his work. His art ranges between drawings, paintings, and graphic-oriented clothing designs. He finds influence in everything from the 1980s urban art movement of New York City, to all kinds of photography, sculpture, music, and modern painters and street artists. Jacob is currently studying industrial design at University Illinois Chicago to learn how to bring his work into the three-dimensional realm.



Jacob Polhill’s art is focused on creating a unique new universe. In the same way that novelists can construct their own worlds with just words, Jacob’s objective is to do the equivalent wielding just his pencils, crayons, and Procreate. Whether it be rediscovering what already exists or building something completely new, Polhill’s work manifests and reimagines the world as something simultaneously vivid, detailed, and big-pictured.